How to Create and Edit Custom Conversations

This tutorial shows how incredibly easy it is to create, edit and customize personalized Conversations using Say Some More.

This video highlights some of ways you can use Say Some More AAC with people you care about, and how it can be the solution to many communication problems. Say Some More is a versatile and unique platform with many uses and applications.

This shows how Say Some More AAC can be used to request food and drinks, to express pain in a part of the body, as a way to speak messages in any language, to teach basic reading skills, and even as a music player. It can also display customized social scripts, be used as a visual schedule, and can store important names, faces and phone numbers. It comes with messages included, but it's easy to add your own text and photographs and recorded voice for personal communication.

Thank you for choosing Say Some More AAC as your communications solution!

The basic version of Say Some More AAC is a

99 cent

download, and the fully programmable version is only $4.99. To purchase, first download the


version, then tap on the Create button for the in-app purchase of the full version.

Tap here to find the
Best Version for You
The iPad app that literally gives a voice to those who can't speak for themselves.

Created by Dale Hubert, M. Ed.

Say Some More AAC

The programmable platform for AAC applications (Augmentative and Alternative Communication)
Children with special needs can communicate, learn from social scripts, build reading skills, listen to music, and much more...
Helpful for people with cognitive or organizational issues as it can be used as a visual schedule and memory prompt
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