Because it is programmable, and Conversations can be customized so easily, there is really no limit to what you can create.
The most obvious uses are to tap on a picture of oneself and have a greeting presented or to tap on a picture of a glass of water to request a drink, but it goes far beyond this.

AAC Communication:

Express basic wants and needs, or communicate on a deeper level - it's up to you. Use actual phtographs of the people invovled with personalized recorded voices.


For example, when setting up a Conversation, type a word in another language in the Text for Message Box field, then type the same message in English in the Full Message Text. The Participant who speaks English taps on "Hello, my name is Katherine," but the message that is presented says "你好,我的名字是凱瑟琳," which,  is the same message but in Chinese, thereby allowing the app to function as a translation device.

Daily Journal:

If the Participant is a student at a school, the teacher or EA can easily use Say Some More as daily journal. The EA would create a quiz and the name would be today's date. The EA would take a picture of the student at an activity, then insert that picture into a Conversation and add the text to describe what is happening. When the iPad arrives at home, the parents can select today's Conversation, tap on pictures, and see and hear a summary of events throughout the day. Similarly, parents can create Conversations at home that the school staff can view to keep up to date on progress and activities.

E-book Reader and Creator:

Included in the app is the children's story, "The Alphabet Journey, and this can be read sequentially from page to page when Quick View is turned off.
Say Some More can also be used to create and present your own stroies using custom photographs and text.

Social Scripts:

Many students with special needs benefit from scial scripts that explain how to behave in certain situations. Topics for social scripts can include dealing with strangers, personal hygiene issues, the proper display of affection, how to deal with anger, or any other personal issue. Because Say Some More is easily programmable, custom images and text can be used to build a social script.

Teach Reading and Phonics:

Show pictures accompanied by text and recorded voices to practise reading skills.

Memory Enhancer:

For those with memory issues, pictures of family members can be displayed that, when tapped, their names are spoken in their own voices. This is ideal for elderly users who infrequently see grandchildren but want to keep their names and faces in mind.

Express Pain and Distress:

Tap on a graphic of a body part, then on the included pain scale to let caregivers know what part hurts and the severity of the pain.
The programmable platform for AAC applications (Augmentative and Alternative Communication)
Children with special needs can communicate, learn from social scripts, build reading skills, listen to music, and much more...
Helpful for people with cognitive or organizational issues as it can be used as a visual schedule and memory prompt
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Uses and Applications of Say Some More AAC

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