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To reduce accidental deletions of Conversations, it is necessary hold down the DELETE button for 3 seconds before the delete dialog box appears.

Quick View

Quick Talk

Say Some More! allows Participants to build conversations by tapping multiple squares. The messages appear at the bottom and tapping anywhere on the grey screen launches the recorded sounds, if any were associated with the squares. Advantages to this are the Participant can build many sentences, then tap the grey area when the Conversation is finished. Or, if the Participant would prefer the message not be said aloud, the message can be read by another person without the need to tap the recorded voice feature.
When Quick Talk is checked,  tap a square to immediately launch the recorded voice.
Even with Quick Talk set to ON, messages appear in the grey area at the bottom, and tapping the grey area causes those messages to be spoken aloud, even after they have been spoken as each square was tapped.

Private and Public Conversations

The ON / OFF setting allows Conversations to be Private or Public. This simply means that if a Conversation is set as Private, it will only appear under the student's name in which it was created. If Private is set to OFF, this Conversation will appear in the List of Conversations under every Participant's name. This is a helpful feature because there are some Conversations that are applicable to everyone, while others are specific to one person.

Edit & Save As New / Edit & Save Existing

To edit an existing Conversation, select it from the list, then tap the blue Edit button. The Edit & Save As New / Edit & Save Existing window appears.

If you select Edit & Save Existing, your changes will over-write and replace the content of the Conversation you are editing.
If you select Edit and Save as New, you will be asked to give the Conversation another name. The original Conversation remains unchanged. This is a helpful feature because it allows you to modify a Conversation without starting from scratch. You can build on an existing Conversation without altering it.

Audio Library

Some sound effects and music are included in the app, and these can be added to your new Conversations. You can also add to the Audio Library. When you are creating a new Conversation, many of the recorded sounds you add will be for  use in that Conversation only, in which case you would save them using Quick Save. But, when you have created a recording that can be used in other Conversations, you would save it to the Audio Library where it will remain available for use in other Conversations. This feature can be used for voice banking. Voice banking is when people will be losing the use of their voice, and they record words and phrases that they can access later on when needed.

Page Name

A Conversation has at least one Page, and can have many more. The default names are "Page 1 of 3," "Page 2 of 3," etc., but you can assign names to the Pages. For a Conversation called Food Requests, one Page could be "Drinks," another "Main Courses, and another could be "Desserts." This makes it easier for Participants and staff to select the most appropriate Page.

Special Features of Say Some More AAC

The programmable platform for AAC applications (Augmentative and Alternative Communication)
Children with special needs can communicate, learn from social scripts, build reading skills, listen to music, and much more...
Helpful for people with cognitive or organizational issues as it can be used as a visual schedule and memory prompt
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