The iPad app that literally gives a voice to those who can't speak for themselves.

Created by Dale Hubert, M. Ed.

Say Some More AAC


"The release of Say Some More Plus will be of huge benefit to my students."
Karen Baxter, Educational Assistant and beta tester

"If I had to choose only one app for my students, it would be Say Some More Plus."
B. Farrar, teacher, beta tester and advisor

"This is amazing! Whenever I think of another feature to suggest, I find it's already there."
Kal Bremensen, beta tester

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Say Some More AAC Basic

Say Some More AAC
Say Some More AAC Plus

(with optional in-app purchase)

(as an in-app
  • comes with pre-programmed messages and conversations
  • order food, select activities, express feelings
  • includes a recorded version of the Alphabet Journey story
  • includes selected songs
  • fully customizable
  • insert your own photos
  • create custom conversations
  • record your own voice for personaiized messages
  • create personalized Social Scripts
  • create customized Visual Schedules
  • instant Text to Speech on demand
  • includes recorded voice plus Text to Speech
  • combine personally recorded voice messages with Text to Speech
  • new layout with text bar at the top

  • insert Text to Speech into existing conversations
  • use icons as macros to supplement Text to Speech communication
  • includes simple jokes for turn-taking and social interactions
  • includes Circle Time graphics such as seasons, months, days, etc.
  • comes with additional graphics and Conversations
Recorded voice PLUS text-to-speech
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