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Easily create and edit custom Conversations based on the needs of the individual. Say Some More comes with a selection of Conversations included, but it's the ability to easily create and edit your own messages that really makes this an extraordinary AAC platform.

New! The narrated story, The Alphabet Journey, is included with the app.

Quick Talk
- toggle Quick Talk to ON or OFF. When ON, the voice message is expressed the moment an image is tapped. When Quick Talk is set to OFF, the Participant can tap on multiple images and create a sequence of sentences that will be spoken when the box st the bottom is tapped.

Exit Lock
- use this new feature to temporarily disable the exit button. This prevents users from accidentally, or intentionally, closing the app. Turning off Exit Lock requires holding the exit button for 5 seconds in order to bring up the password box, then entering your password.

Omit a Square
- Say Some More allows you to create Conversations using 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 or 12 squares, and the Omit a Square feature lets you further customize the layout.

Go to Home Conversation and Go to Home Page buttons
- you can have unlimited Pages available, then tap on the Home Conversation to return the default, or tap on Home Page to return to the default page.

Conversation List
- enter a checkmark beside the names of the Conversations that you would like included in each session. Select as many or as few Conversations to be included.

Edit & Save as New or Edit & Save Existing

- build on an existing Conversation and update it, or start with an existing Conversation and create a new one based on that one.

Audio Library for Voice Banking
- use the Audio Library to record voices or sounds that you would like to access in the future.

Multiple Tap Prevention
- the app is designed to allow for double taps when using the keyboard, so words with double letters can be typed, but it will not allow double taps of other squares. This is so people with fine motor difficulties won't end up with accidental duplicate entries.

Delete All and Delete Last Function
- after a message has been composed and expressed, the Delete All button will erase the entire message. The Delete Last Function is handy for correcting typos and removing the last entry without erasing the entire message.

Import and Insert Images from Web
- when creating custom Conversations, you can use the camera to insert photographs, you can access images from the iPad's Photos, and you can even use the new in-app feature to search the web for images.
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The iPad app that literally gives a voice to those who can't speak for themselves.

Created by Dale Hubert, M. Ed.

Say Some More AAC

The programmable platform for AAC applications (Augmentative and Alternative Communication)
Children with special needs can communicate, learn from social scripts, build reading skills, listen to music, and much more...
Helpful for people with cognitive or organizational issues as it can be used as a visual schedule and memory prompt
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